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TEROS 22 Soil Water Potential TemperatureSensor
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TEROS 22 Soil Water Potential TemperatureSensor


TEROS 22 Soil Water Potential TemperatureSensor

TEROS 22 is afull range soil water potential sensor developed by METER based on 40 years ofexperience in water potential sensor manufacturing. On the basis of inheritingthe characteristics of the TEROS 21 sensor, it has achieved a more exquisiteappearance and easier installation. Simply use an electric drill to drill a1.6mm hole to install TEROS 22.

operational principle

The TEROS 22sensor consists of a humidity sensor and a porous material with a knownmoisture characteristic curve. When the porous material reaches moistureequilibrium with the surrounding soil, the humidity sensor measures themoisture content of the porous material and converts it into water potentialbased on the moisture characteristic curve.

main features

·Installation and removal are both very convenient, just drill a holewith a diameter of 1.6 cm to install.

·The measurement range is wide from 0 to -100000 kPa, achieving fullrange soil water potential monitoring.

·Easy to maintain, no need for water injection, and will not bedamaged in low-temperature freezing environments.

·No need for recalibration: The ceramic material based on silicamatrix does not have drift caused by degradation.

·Salt insensitivity: Even in high salt environments with variablesalt content, soil sensors are still accurate.

·Attached temperature measurement: At the same time, it can obtainanother important indicator of plant growth.

·Durable and sturdy: The overlapping injection molding process ofepoxy resin ensures its suitability for long-term field monitoring andresearch.

·Plug and play: As long as the sensors are installed, the dataacquisition is connected, the clock and measurement interval are set, and datacollection can begin. No programming required.

·Remote data acquisition: When TEROS 22 connects to ZL6 dataacquisition, select ZENTRA Cloud service to acquire data through the Internet.

·Compatible with SDI-12: TEROS 21 is almost compatible with allmainstream data acquisition systems that support SDI-12 and uses a universalcommunication protocol.

Technical indicators

Soil water potential:0 ~ -100,000 kPa(1.70 ~6.00 pF

resolving power:0.1 kPa

Accuracy:± (10% of reading+2 kPa) @ -5~-100kPa

soil temperature:-40~60 ℃

resolving power:± 0.1 ℃

Accuracy:± 1 ℃

Measurement frequency: 70 MHz

Output: DDI serial port or SDI-12 communication protocol

Supports data acquisition (purchased separately): Meter ZL6, EM60series data acquisition, or 4.0-15 VDC power supply, supports serial port orSDI-12 communication data acquisition.

Dimensions: diameter 1.7 cm, length 17 cm, length of optionalextension rod 40,80120 cm

Working environment: -40~60 ℃

Cable length: 5 meters, customizable for other lengths, up to 75meters in length

Cable diameter: 4.20 mm

Interface type: 3.5mm headphone interface or tin plated bare wireinterface

Wire specification: 22 AWG/24 AWG interference wire

Power supply voltage (VCC to GND): 4.0~15.0 VDC

Digital input voltage (logic high): 2.8~5.0 V, typical 3.6 V

Digital input voltage (logic low): -0.3~0.8 V, typical 0.0 V

Digital output voltage (logic high): Typical 3.6 V

Power supply current: minimum 15 mA

Power line conversion rate: minimum 1.0 V/ms


Measurement period: 3.0~16.0 mA; Typical 5.0 mA;

Static waiting period: typical 0.03 mA

Start time:

DDI serial port: typical 100 ms,<350 ms;

SDI-12 (DDI enabled): typical 260 ms,<500 ms;

SDI-12 (DDI disabled): Typical 170 ms

Measurement time: Typical 50 ms

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