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HC-50Soil waterpotential( matrix suction )sensor
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HC-50Soil waterpotential( matrix suction )sensor


HC-50Soil matrix suction (waterpotential) sensor

The potential energy of soil water refers to theenergy required to extract a unit of water from the soil under isothermalconditions. When the soil is saturated with water, the water potential is zero,and the water content is in a low dry saturation state. The water potential isnegative, and the drier the soil, the greater the negative value. In the studyof plant water demand, soil water potential is an important indicator forjudging the degree of drought. The HC-50 matrix suction (water potential) sensoris composed of a humidity sensor and a porous ceramic material with a knownwater release curve. When the porous ceramic material reaches water balancewith the surrounding soil, the humidity sensor measures the moisture content ofthe porous ceramic material and converts it into water potential based on thewater release curve. This sensor can be easily inserted into soil profile pitsand wrapped with wet soil around it. Measurement and recording are very simple,maintenance free, and can measure a large range of soil water potential withoutcalibration. The sensor has a compact design, high measurement accuracy, fastresponse speed, and good sealing performance. It can be inserted into soillayers for a long time or directly buried in soil for use, and is not easilycorroded, with little impact on soil quality, Suitable for water-savingagricultural irrigation, greenhouse, flowers and vegetables, grassland andpasture, soil rapid testing, plant cultivation, drought, frozen soil, roadbedand other special fields of soil water research and scientific experiments.

Functional characteristics:

There is no drift caused by degradation inceramic materials.

Salt insensitivity, even in high salt environmentswith variable salt content, soil sensors are still accurate.

The overlapping injection molding process of epoxyresin ensures its suitability for long-term field monitoring and research.

Technical parameter:

Range: -100-10Kpa

Accuracy: ± .025Kpa

Power supply voltage: 520VDC

Output: 02.5VDC,420mA, RS485

Response time: 200ms

Working temperature: -4085

Waterproof grade: IP68

Overall weight: 200 (g)

External dimensions: length 90.5(mm) xwidth 30.7(mm) x height 11 (mm)

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