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HC-70 Micro soil conductivity and salinity sensor
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HC-70 Micro soil conductivity and salinity sensor


HC-70 Micro Soil SaltConductivity Integrated Sensor

Product Introduction:

The HC-70 soil salinity conductivityintegrated sensor (transmitter) adopts graphite electrodes and MCU controlinside. This product has the advantages of large range, good linearity, stronglightning resistance, compact design, high measurement accuracy, fast responsespeed, good sealing, and can be directly buried in soil for a long time withoutcorrosion. The soil quality has little impact, and it is easy to observe,stable and reliable. It can be widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment,ports, and other fields In the fields of industry, agriculture, and scientificresearch, such as laboratories, water-saving agricultural irrigation,greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grasslands and pastures, soil rapidtesting, and plant cultivation.

Technical parameters:

Power supply mode: 1224VDC

Voltage output: 02.5VDC,05VDC

Current output: 420mA

Digital output: RS-485

Working temperature: -40℃70℃

Working humidity: ≤ 100%RH

Waterproof grade: IP68

External dimensions: Sensor diameter 2cm,length 2.8cm

Salt content:

Measurement range: 0-8000mg/L;

Accuracy: ± 3%;

Resolution: 1mg/L;


Measurement range: 0-20mS/cn

Accuracy: ± 3%

Resolution: 0.01mS/cm

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