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HCYB-25 Micro Pore Water Pressure Sensor
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HCYB-25 Micro Pore Water Pressure Sensor


HCYB-25 MicroPore Water Pressure Sensor

Product Introduction

Due to the requirements for the measured flow fieldand placement position, it is necessary to measure pressure in situ andreproduce the variation pattern of pulsating flow field without interferingwith the flow field state. There are often strict requirements for theminiaturization of the external dimensions of the sensor. The HCYB-16 miniatureearth pressure sensor is designed for the above working conditions. This seriesof products uses a micro strain diaphragm as the core component andhigh-precision integration, By utilizing international advanced miniaturizationproduction and packaging technology, exquisite and clever micro packaging hasbeen carried out. The product has a small volume, compact structure, lightweight, durability, and excellent dynamic and static characteristics. Thisseries of products is particularly suitable for various model tests and on-siteapplications such as civil engineering experiments, landslide and debris flowexperiments, slope experiments, dam monitoring, etc. It is widely used infields such as civil engineering, geotechnical mechanics, and earthquakemonitoring.

Features of Product

Wide range of measurement, ranging from-100KPa to         60MPa   in any range

Small external dimensions, with a minimumdiameter of 13mm and a length of 12mm Wide temperature range,from lowtemperature-40℃ to high temperature 80℃

Good long-term stability and resistance tovarious harsh environments

Customized according to customerrequirements

Product Parameters

1. Range: Any range between -100KPa60MPa

2. Scope of application: Dynamic and static modeltests (under appropriate conditions, can also be used for on-site testing)

3. Accuracy: 0.5% FS

4. Full process outputμε):01500(theoretical)

5. Bridge resistance (Ω): 350 full bridge

6. External dimensions (mm): 13×12,18×12. Customizable

7. Waterproof performance: can work in amedium full of water

8. Operating temperature range (℃)-40+80

9. Output method: rear output, measurementoutput

10. Bridge voltage (V): 2V

11. Using strain amplifier sensitivitycoefficient K: 2.00

12. Lead out length (m): 4-core shieldedcable, 3 meters

13. Overload capacity (%): 150% within therated range

14. Output line bridge markers:red (Eg+),white (Vi+),green(Eg-),black (Vi-)